the good old livejournal days

i didn’t accomplish anything today.  when i woke up it was so gloomy and dark i thought it was still nighttime.  that was pretty disorienting.  it’s the worst when the weather is like that and yet you’ve still gotta get up and accomplish things.  well, usually, at least.  this is my vacation week, yes.

i remember livejournal was my vessel for communication with the world.  it pretty much saved my ass in high school and provided a creative and emotional outlet for me that i was able to share with lots of amazing people on there as well.  livejournal is now insufferably different, especially with the advertisements keeping the site alive.  i miss the days when i could come home and articulate my frustrations with life but also just share what kind of pizza i had eaten for lunch and then i would usually digress into something else unrelated as well.  and it was really nice and i liked reading friends’ entries which expressed the same stuff i did, so there was a sense of identity.  i was able to relate to these individuals and connect with them via livejournal and it was very meaningful to me.

blogger and wordpress are alternatives i suppose, but they’re nothing at all similar to the unique, nostalgic, friendly nature of livejournal.  twitter is exploitative to me.  i fucking hate it.  twitter pages don’t even make sense.  they’re mostly a bunch of nonsensical updates that are confusing to everyone pretty much.  twitter encourages you to express yourself in the most condensed, superficial way possible.

it dumbs everyone down.  basically, twitter’s concept embraces the notion of taking a person’s thoughts & feelings that may be developed, expansive, thorough, and detailed – but there’s never enough “space” for all of that, even though it’s the internet?  so, it’s just best to just narrow all of it down to 150 words or whatever.  don’t get me wrong – concision is a critical element to writing, but good god!  how do so many fucking people get hooked on twitter the same way i did with livejournal?  the average person doesn’t have that little to say.  especially these days.  text messages are cumbersome if lengthy, so it’s natural to keep those very short as well.  texts, twitter, and facebook statuses are the current postmodern methods to publishing your words to the world.  if i have something to say, i make sure it’s worth saying.  i keep pithy, undeveloped stuff in my head to myself because i don’t expect anyone to fucking care.

fuck social media.  it’s not what it appears to fucking be.  true social media existed back in the days of livejournal and AOL when media communication was simplified mostly to just text.  i created a tumblr page, trying to treat it like a journal, and felt retarded to discover that mine was pretty “unusual” considering that i didn’t post 50 animated GIFS and other endless endless endless superficial graphics of models, celebrities, bands, whatever.  it reminds me of little kids who are learning how to read, and they struggle with reading, so they’d prefer to have colorful illustrations instead.  images capture attention more than fat paragraphs do.  i think it’s great to have both!  use images and words in a creative combination that will be more original and singular to that person’s blog (or whatever.)

everything is about fucking BLOGS!  blogs are not everything.  blogs are specific and limiting — like you start a blog about something and thus it becomes a completely different concept because you have to maintain a tone that compliments the blog’s themes and content.  there’s nothing really personal about them.  besides, they’re now so fucking common that no one will ever read your blog unless you’re at least a D-list celebrity or a vaguely known writer.  you can try to connect with other people but they’re more engrossed in their own blog and don’t use it for the objective of communication but mostly to publish — and “get it out there” in some form.  i am writing this with full awareness that no one reads my wordpress.  but then again, i do not post about recipes for cooking vegan lunches and i don’t make wannabe-witty two-sentence phrases or expressions that don’t even really make any sense.  oh, and i don’t have an endless loop of images of pretty cute things like related to fashion or skrillex haircuts on girls.  i don’t write on here to embrace trends.  i don’t write on here to embrace everyone’s collective idea of how people ought to communicate and connect.  it’s pathetic at how advanced we are, in 2012, with the influence of social media, yet it’s just so watered down and superficial.  it’s useless to participate in it, really.  but i still feel compelled to do so in some way.

my main thing is like i cannot stand writing lengthy entries (or anything) longhand — it’s so miserable and insufferable to endure writing with a swollen, aching hand that was done-for long ago.  typing is such a mindless, effortless method of recording information… so are there people still just using longhand journals because they don’t want to use blogger or twitter?  can’t we all realize that longhand writing sucks and some of us have a lot to say and we need an official journal site to use and have as an outlet that’s convenient and accessible.


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