the lost week

preparing for my one-day return back to work.  preparing means i try to do everything i possibly can to suppress the fact that i have to eventually leave for work and become that version of myself.  it will be okay, though.  i just really enjoyed my week off and it’s sad how incredibly fast it went by.  i don’t even really remember much of anything.

yesterday just got totally lost in space… i remember that i took 2 ativan (something i’m recently legally prescribed, no funny business) and passed out during the second season DVD of “The Hills” and someone from this place i applied to tried to call me and i didn’t recognize the number, but i should’ve answered it anyway ugh.  now they’re not responding to me.  they are a sketchy company in overland park, anyway.

i’ve got too much life left in me to drive every day to a job in overland park.  truthfully.

“The Haunted Man” is growing on me.  i knew it would, but it’s still a bit flat no matter what.  it’s chilly and cold today.  usually my favorite kind of weather for clothes, but i am wearing my oversized frump-fest University of Minnesota-Duluth hoodie which i don’t know why i continue to wear.  because every time i do i feel really ugly and gross.  but it’s actually an artifact from this guy i fucked in minneapolis this summer.  he gave it to me as a parting gift, i suppose.  apparently that is the school he attends, or did, or whatever.

of course other things have occurred but, yes, my life has become like some weird mixture of young adult-bret easton ellis novel-circa “girls” in manhattan with lena dunham as one of the voices in my head.

i’m happy to see that i’ve still got my photoshop skills intact.  i really don’t think i’m half-bad with image manipulation… you can tell my style pays major homage to like the circa-2005 internet when everyone was obsessed with downloading/making brushes and not providing credit to where they got their images from.  and they steal all the coding to make a site for it, haha.  ohh man.

chug a diet coke, pick out a black jacket, head down the road & just turn off your brain.


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