back to work today.  left early at like 8:30, was totally stoked.  still trying to decompress after an unusual weekend of halloween parties and midtwenties drama.  tomorrow is my day off, thank god.  it always go by so quickly that the minutes feel like they just run through my fingers… i guess i’m supposed to just relax and not analyze.

a lot of things are going on with me, i don’t know.  everything’s weird.  i’m lost in introspection and it distracts me from interaction in my real life.  my personal life is pretty tumultuous and i am always so beside myself with it.  relevant people come and go.  boys are stupid, but everyone already knows that.

i feel SO limited on here with what i can say.  i feel like if i say something like “i smoked a bowl and.. blah blah” it’s going to be later held against me by someone… i dunno.  it’s not that i care what anyone thinks but at the same time you have to be mindful of it, i suppose.

because there is one thing i know for CERTAIN: people fucking love drama.


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