My name (to those who ask) is Sam — officially Samuel Swayne.  23-year-old inhabitant of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  Alma mater Rockhurst University, B.A. in creative writing — obtained in 2011.  Come off as shy & quiet, but really I’ve just gotta warm up first.  Caught up in a strange, awkward (but not atypical) early-to-mid twenties existential haze.

Rest assured, I am likely to be the most unpretentious and authentic person in Kansas City you will ever know — yet, I’m sure all of the hipsters around here claim that fame, but I really do not have anything to prove.  I just say to keep your superiority, because I’m satisfied with validating my own truths.

Fascination makes me come alive and my passion for art, writing, and film obsession truly transcends anything that’s peripheral or petty.  I learn about art every day from my introspection, musings, and desire for strong, authentic work that truly communicates something meaningful.  I see life through a lens of fantasy where i alter my reality so that i can possibly fit inside of it.  Finally, I would also describe myself as perpetually single, interior, flighty, flaky, and unafraid of emotion.

Fervently, I love transgressive fiction, raw arthouse film, electronic/euro industrial music, minimalist art, bad cable TV and ultimately — dark, dark humor.

My one and only core virtue is this: Love above all, always, Love above all. xx

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